Welcome to Real World HQ

Our factory, our retail store, our creation hub:
welcome to the Real World New Zealand Headquarters.

From sourcing the best local ingredients to labelling & dispatch - we’re a small team that owns every part of the manufacturing process. Quality is everything, and our on-site factory gives us the freedom to experiment, take our time, and create items with care & purpose in smaller batches.

The goal isn't to cut corners so we can churn out millions of products, after all.

It’s to craft purposeful & beautiful daily essentials.

Ones that use pure, safe, nourishing New Zealand ingredients that work - and make you feel great about your decision to choose better.

Visit Us In Hastings or Newmarket

Hastings Store: You’ll find our retail space in the heart of Hastings. 

Pop in to refill your bottles, test our wash ranges at the sink, and indulge your senses in the beautiful aromas floating out from the factory.  

Opening hours:
Weekdays 8.30am – 5pm, Saturday 10am – 1pm,
Sunday closed.

Location: 211 Queen Street East, Hastings

(The front entrance can be tricky to spot - it’s actually at 211 Queen Street, which is tucked away to the rear of the building. Plenty of car parks available!)

Newmarket Kiosk: You’ll find our Kiosk on Level 2 of Westfield Mall, Newmarket

Opening hours:
Check Westfield Newmarket Opening Hours

Location: 277 Broadway Ave, Newmarket