plant based

considered essentials.

Blending genuine care with a real understanding of what modern life demands, we create products that are better for you, your loved ones and the planet. At Real World, we bring some love and luxury to everyday life with a range of beautifully considered essentials for the body and home.

From skin-friendly dish liquid to nourishing hand-creams and body washes, we’re passionate about crafting products that are both beautiful and purposeful. NZ-made with heart, soul and simple, natural ingredients, our products provide restorative care for real homes and real lives.

Real World — Restorative Living.

Natural NZ Products

Restorative Body Care

Lotions, washes, butters, soaps, shampoos & more. All natural, no nasties.  

Natural Home Care

Efficient and aesthetic: meet the home + cleaning items you don’t need to hide in the cupboard.  

Plant-Based Hand Care

Created just for you, with the hard-working hands.


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