Our territory spotlights life’s raw and messy honesty, because real life is the best life. Real World comes from a place of conviction — making highly considered and intentional choices choices across every facet of the brand.

Our philosophy leads what we put into our products and what we decide to leave out, putting our customer and our world at the centre. We’re bringing restorative care and luxury to the real moments of everyday life. 

As a busy mother of four children, I generally find myself working in the kitchen throughout the day.  More often than not my hands are submerged in hot soapy water doing dishes or wiping down dirty bench tops. My hands used to get so dry and damaged, especially around the nail area and often cracks would appear in my skin and they would get really deep and painful. When your hands are sore, every day tasks become painful and I wasn’t going to put up with it any longer. I found that I was not alone, many of my friends with children experienced similar issues with their hands.

I wanted to create a natural plant based range of products specifically for your hands that contained no harsh chemicals as I was sure that was what was drying my hands out. So Real World New Zealand was born.


Rallying against a disposable world, we create useful things of value and longevity. This mindset drives our refillery approach and is why we're always finding opportunities to upcycle, reuse and repurpose.

We only include what is most necessary. Simplicity is our mantra, aiming to help people make better decisions easily. Whether it's the exclusion of sulphates & parabens, our curated ingredient selection without the middle man, edited range, pared back packaging or down to earth approach - we always aim for clarity and single mindedness.

Founder / Director
Real World 
New Zealand