Meet The Founders 

“As a busy mother raising 4 kids, I’d often find myself working in the kitchen throughout the day - hands submerged in hot soapy water. 

There came a point where all the cooking, cleaning, cloth nappy soaking & bench wiping didn't just dry out my skin - it caused cracks around my nails that were so deep and painful, everyday tasks became impossible. 

Multiple visits to the GP, steroid creams, and other over-the-counter ‘solutions’ later, I decided to take a closer look at the cleaning products I was using. Turns out, there was a long list of ingredients I couldn't pronounce...”

“I was dealing with sore hands too from a summer of catching crayfish and working outdoors, and we noticed the kids’ skin was becoming irritated from the blue bubble bath they were using.

It suddenly all made sense. Most of us care about what goes into our food, so why’s it any different for our personal & home care?

We set out to create a natural plant-based range of products that contained none of the harsh chemicals that were damaging our hands and skin. With a willingness to experiment, a less is more approach, and an abundance of native flora & fauna at our disposal, Real World New Zealand was born.

We hope it changes your life for the better, the way it has ours.”

Adam & Nicola x

Proudly New Zealand made 
We’re not about mass production. Every Real World item is made by us in small batches, at our factory in Hastings. 

A curation of nature’s best
We use high concentrations of New Zealand native ingredients - each specially chosen for its unique healing & soothing properties.

Better for everyone
You won’t find any harsh chemicals in our formulations. And we certainly don’t test on animals. 

Small changes, meaningful impact 
From an on-site Refillery to our minimalist packaging, we reuse & repurpose as much as possible.