Position: Navigating the Journey to Stay at Homer Our adventure began with an 80-minute drive from Wellington in our trusty Defender. Upon arrival, check-in was a breeze, facilitated by a convenient code-locked door, setting a relaxed tone for our stay.

People: Discovering the Retreat Our retreat was the charming Homer in Martinborough, a beautifully crafted Mod House hideaway. Designed by former Warren Mahoney architect, John McNamara, this little gem boasted a unique flair that made our stay memorable. McNamara remarked, "It was great to be able to slightly modify the plan of our standard modhouse lite to perfectly suit the requirements of the client, all within the same small footprint. It’s challenging to deliver a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house and have it perform exceptionally well when it’s only about 100 m², but it seems so much bigger due to the volume with the high ceilings." The attention to detail was evident, from the whimsical salt and pepper shakers to the carefully curated selection of books that provided both charm and comfort.

Place: A Sanctuary for Leisure and Connection Homer serves as a dual-purpose haven, offering a peaceful escape for its owners and a delightful respite for visitors like us. It’s more than just a place; it’s a setting where one can engage, relax, and reconnect with nature and loved ones. The house’s design and location encourage both play and tranquility.

Pluses: The Highlights that Enrich the Experience The standout features of Homer included the stylish, comfortable furniture and the warm embraces of cozy spaces, particularly around the Pyro Classic Fire. Its distinctive style provided an unparalleled level of comfort and aesthetic pleasure, making it unlike any other place we’ve stayed. Every element in Homer contributed to a sense of enveloping warmth and stylish living.

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