Creating an online world of hand-crafted homewares, which also includes three retail stores, has been passion project turned big business for founder Claudia Zinzan. The secret to Father Rabbit’s success has certainly been Claudia’s entrepreneurial acumen coupled with her hands-on approach. She knows it was a brave move to start up her business with only a little previous experience but it’s a punt that has paid off.

“I just did it.” Claudia says. “I’ve learned so much along the way and every year I add a tonne of learnings – and mistakes – but I feel very lucky to be in this position.”

The thing that brings most joy to Claudia in terms of Father Rabbit is the vibe it’s created for her team.

“Creating a culture and brand at Father Rabbit thats enjoyed and celebrated is the thing I am most proud of,” she says.

Although Father Rabbit is a huge part of Claudia’s life she manages to find time to ensure her family, and herself, are well cared for. Family time, exercise, quality sleep and good food are the key ingredients to Claudia’s world. She keeps it real by balancing those elements throughout her week.

“I take naps religiously in the weekend – I can literally pass out anywhere – I am quite selfish about this, but it does make me a happier person,” Claudia explains. “I am a big foodie and have just started exercising properly – after years of laziness – most of all I enjoy the bush walks around our home.”

Leading a successful, and now quite large, online offering means while at work Claudia needs to keep an overview of every aspect of her business, but she’s also keen to take a breath and lend her hand to the practical, the handmade and the small acts that make life beautiful.

“These hands have done some pretty important tasks that I am very proud of: little things like making hundreds of tiny paper cranes for my best friend’s wedding, and life-changing things like holding my babies for the first time,” says Claudia. Simple moments of peace in the whirlwind of a full and busy life